"The Falls"

The Falls - Pastel

As a pastel artist  in Colorado  I have  had the opportunity to  paint and draw  the beautiful Colorado landscape. But as you journey through my website you will see that I am passionate about painting  much more.  My subject matter also includes figures, flowers, and cityscapes.  As a result my work is diverse and each painting showcases my unique vision.  I am  honored to be a signature member of  New York City’s Pastel Society of America,  American Impressionists Society, Women Artists of the West, Plein Air Artists of Colorado and  Pastel Society of Colorado.   

I invite you to browse through my gallery of paintings and   learn more about my journey as an artist. For most of my career I have specialized in soft pastel but  more recently I am studying and working in oils.  It is challenging and exciting. Both mediums  are represented throughout  the portfolios.  

 I welcome any comments or thoughts  you may have about my work so feel free to contact me through the site. 


Thank you for visiting and come again soon.



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